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1. People take everything so seriously that it becomes a burden to themselves. Learn to laugh more. Laughter is as holy as a prayer.

2. Each action has an immediate result. Be careful and observe. A mature man - is the one who has found himself and determined what is right and wrong, good and bad for him, so he has a huge advantage over those who do not have their own opinion.

3. All of us are unique. Nobody has the right to point out what is right and what is wrong. Life - is an experiment in which we define variable concepts day by day. Sometimes, you may do something wrong, but because of that you will gain huge benefits. Surprisingly.

4. There are moments when God comes knocking at your door. This might happen one in a million ways - through a woman, man, child, love, flower, sunset or sunrise … Be open to hear it.

5. Striving to be unusual - is the most common desire of all. But to be ordinary - really is unusual.

6. Life - is a series of puzzles and mysteries. It can not be foreseen or predicted. But there are those who would prefer a life without it all, so that fear, doubt and anxiety would also vanish.

7. To begin with, listen to yourself. Learn to enjoy your own company. Become so content that you will no longer bother if anyone comes or not. You are already complete. Are you at home already. If someone comes - perfect. No - fine. Only this attitude can suit a relationship.

8. If you are rich, do not think about it, if you are poor - do not take it seriously. If you are able to live in peace, knowing that the world is just a play, you’re free and won’t suffer. Suffering only occurs from a too serious attitude towards life. Learn to treat life as a game.

9. Courage - is a move into the unknown, regardless of all fears. Courage - is not absence of fear. Fearlessness happens when you steadily become more and more bold. But at the beginning, the difference between a coward and the brave is not so apparent. The only difference - is that the coward listens to his fears and follows them, and the daredevil leaves them aside and moves on.

10. You are changing each and every moment, like a river. Today it flows in one direction. Tomorrow - in another. I never saw the same person twice. Everything changes. Nothing stands still. But to see this, you need a very keen eye. Otherwise, the dust falls on our eyes, everything gets static and seems like everything has already happened.

Listen consciously. Awaken yourself.

When you feel anxiety, kick yourself properly. Yourself, not the other.

Open your eyes. Awake. Listen again.

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