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Government departments are being challenged by the increasing need to share data with other public bodies, with delivery partners, service users, and citizens. According to the NAO, recent years’ “cuts to departmental budgets and staff numbers, and increasing demands form citizens for online public services, have changed the way government collects, stores and manages information”.At the same time “the threat of electronic data loss from cyber crime, espionage and accidental disclosure has risen considerably. Alongside this new challenge, reporting to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) by public bodies shows that the loss of paper records remains significant.”Efforts have complicated by the lack of coordination by the 12 separate teams and organisations which play a role in governmental infosec, including: GDS; GCHQ; CESG, CERT-UK; and the UK National Authority for Counter Eavesdropping (UKNACE).That this work hasn’t been coordinated “has meant that a large number of bodies continue to have overlapping mandates and activities” according to the NAO, which noted how last November the then-Chancellor of the Exchequer noted this acronym-heavy problem and the need to “address the alphabet soup of agencies involved in protecting Britain in cyberspace.”

As part of that address, Osborne announced the launch of a new National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) which will act as a hub for sharing best practices in security between public and private sectors, and will tackle cyber incident response.Speaking to The Register earlier this month, the former head of GCHQ Sir David Omand said: “Next month, the new National Cyber Security Centre starts its work, under the Director of GCHQ, drawing on the technical expertise of GCHQ staff in operating in cyberspace, a further major development in harnessing the skills of the intelligence community in protecting the public.”NAO’s head, Amyas Morse, said: “Protecting information while re-designing public services and introducing the technology necessary to support them is an increasingly complex challenge. To achieve this, the Cabinet Office, departments and the wider public sector need a new approach, in which the centre of government provides clear principles and guidance and departments increase their capacity to make informed decisions about the risks involved.” HP Inc GPC ‘16 HP Inc has launched a new sales tactic to take on Apple - hijacking worshippers of expensive iThings as soon as they step outside the altar of dreams to compare Macs with its slim and light PCs. Battery for ASUS A32-K53 Battery for ASUS A32-K52 Battery for Apple MacBook 13 inch Battery for Apple iBook G4 12inch Battery for Apple A1382 Battery for Apple A1331 Battery for Amilo Pi 2515

Taking to the stage of the Global Partner Conference in Boston, Ron Coughlin, HP president of the Personal Systems division, did what execs do and talked up the revival at his firm.”There were people who doubted us and those who said the HP innovation engine has lost its gas,” he said.“We announced the lightest, thinnest consumer commercial notebook… the world’s thinnest detachable, we announced the world’s first curved all-in-one. Is that an innovation engine where the engineers forgot the address of the HP garage?Oh, and he also mentioned the “complete reinvention of the desktop and the truly breakthrough X3”.It was in fact HP that admitted back in 2012 that innovation had stagnated across the classic PC industry, but hey, that’s yesterday’s chip wrapping, get with the programme.Coughlin said in the last quarter it “outgrew” every rival, “we took - no, you took - three share points from Apple and we gained three share points. Awesome, awesome job.”HP grew 1.8 per cent in Q2 to 12.28 million units in a market that shrank 5.2 per cent to 64.29 million. Apple declined 4.9 per cent to 4.55 million but whether that was directly caused by HP is a moot point.Here are HP’s latest Q3 results - make your own mind up if the company is firing on all cylinders. We think they were a mixed bag.

Drawing on the earlier acquisition of Samsung’s print biz and the new A3 copier devices, Coughlin said, “We have our own A3, but it is FA3. It’s not what you think, potty mouths. It is finally aggressively attacking Apple.”Apple has been the defining brand for engineering amazing premium devices. Apple has defined premium design for decades. Even at HP, we treated Apple as an untouchable part of the market. My news for you today is that Apple is untouchable no more.”Apple is leading design trends no more. Apple is leading in innovation no more. Apple is gaining share no more. Apple is growing no more. It’s HP which is gaining that share, it’s you gaining that share.”Coughlin said he was aware that reseller fanbois and girls in the room may doubt his words, so he provided indelible proof, sort of.“We went to a bastion of Apple loyalty, the Apple Store, [to talk to] people who had just bought an Apple device and showed them these beautiful [HP] devices.”Cue a select band of shoppers reacting with shock and awe at the shininess and lightness of HP’s flagship lines. One said when presented with one, “it’s much lighter than my Macbook” and when she found an HP badge on it, responded by saying “no fucking way”. Of course the F-word was beeped. Battery for Amilo Li 1818 Battery for Acer TravelMate 6592G Battery for Acer TravelMate 5740Z Battery for Acer AS09A71 Battery for Acer AL10A31 Battery for A42-K55 Battery for Dell P649N Battery for Dell PP28L Battery for FMVNBP146

So, there you have it people: evidence. Real, real evidence from, er, a small group of consumers. HP will hope those people remember when they come to refresh their Macbooks in say, three or four years.We sent an email to Alan in Apple’s PR function and will let you know if/when he gets back to us. History has shown that it is probably best to not hold your breath. Bleeding-edge early adopters of Windows Mobile 10 have some more balm for their Continuum pains.Microsoft’s Continuum lets you connect monitors, keyboards and mice to Windows Mobile phones to convert them into PCs. It fits in with Microsoft’s universal app concept: software should just work wherever you’re using Windows 10, on a desktop, laptop, tablet or cellphone.The Continuum-ready devices launched so far lack native support for x86 apps, though, being ARM-powered devices. The gadgets require some sort of virtualization solution to run apps for which there is not yet a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) version available.Until HP launches its Workspace service, you’ve been stuck with trying to get a Citrix client running in the phone’s Edge browser.Citrix’s arch rival VMware, now a Dell company, has just emitted a rough mobile beta for its Horizon suite into the Windows store, which will allow some Horizon sites to kick the tyres. (Horizon provides remote-desktop capabilities to users of VMware’s virtualization technology.) The client only supports remote desktop protocol right now, according to the community forum.

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