"Doctors without borders" hospital attack in Aleppo: Syrian Air Force airstrike or Western media fake? (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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Despite world communitt’s attempts to settle ceasefire regime in Syrian Arab Republic the situation remains tense and key infrastructure objects are still being shelled.

Moscow’s Western partners are not being consistent all the time and when it comes to finding the guilty of ceasefire violations they are showing what double standards are.

In the end of April 2016 a number of Western media reported a case of hospital shelling in Aleppo on 27th of April. All of them referred to international organization “Doctor without borders” (Médecins Sans Frontières)

Primary source of information was a message on MSF offical Twitter and webpage, 14 dead were reported then.

May 3 MSF reported on teir official webpage that death toll had risen to 55 persons.

There as no information about who attacked but Syrian Opposition Committee blamed goernmental troops at once.

Then came footage showing supposedly hospital shelling. Comments to that video showed no doubts that governmental armed forces were guilty.

That information which was not proved was caught by the Western journalists at once and used as anti-Assad propaganda. 

US Secretary of State John Kerry also made his remark. He overtly blamed Assad’s armed forces for an airstrike on the hospital:

«We are outraged by yesterday’s airstrikes in Aleppo on al Quds hospital… It appears to have been a deliberate strike on a known medical facility and follows the Assad regime’s appalling record of striking such facilities and first responders. These strikes have killed hundreds of innocent Syrians».

Target choice was not accidental — striking such objects as hospitals, schools, kindergartens, nursing homes etc cannot but cause public outcry.

And even if some time after the guilty are found an average reader or TV-watcher laready has some image and firstimpression and his attitude towards those who were blamed for such horrid crimes would never be the same.

This is very much loved by Western propaganda trick as the refutation afterwards received no such public attention like the initial “news” about “bloody Assad’s regied crimes”.

Syrian authorities’ reaction and Russian MoD offical declaration 

It is important to mуntion that the Syrian authorities have overturned the accusation of air raid on Aleppo April 27 and Russian Defence Ministry provided evidences of its noninvolvement.

Russian MoD spokesman, Gen. Maj. Igor Konashenkov commented on those accusations: «”here were no flights of the Russian AFin Aleppo region over the last few days”.

Konashenkv underlined that «according to the available information an aircraft of the so called “anti ISIS” coalition has been working in Aleppo airspace on 27th of April after a long breakdown».

According to a high-rank SAA source “there’s no truth in messages spread by the media about an airstrike which was allegedly carried out by Syrian Air Forces on As-Saqaree hospital in Aleppo”. He says that “these fabrications are nothing more but an attempt to cover up terrorists’ crimes aimed against civilians”.

According to the Russian military’s opinion the information about Aleppo hospital attack is nothing mre but a part of informational campaign for discrediting peace process in the region.

Konashenkov emphasized that such hoax technology isn’t new and we exposed it more than once.

Traditional source of such hoaxes is notorious London-based “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, it referred to MSF activists.

The pseudonews about al-Quds hospital attack was spread by many leading world media as an example of Russian-American peace agreements non-observance».

As an important of unreliability of the accusations Russian MoD spokeseman provided images made from drone and space reconnaissance assets on 29th of April 2016 and October 15 2015.

Accordingto Konashenkov «the first photograph made by Russian UAV on 29th of April 2016 the devastations of the hospial are clearly visible. This is undisputable fact and nobody denies it. The second image made by space reconnaissance assets depicts tha same Aleppo region and the same al-Quds hospital building, the devastations arethe same. But this image is dated October 15 2015».

This means that hospital building wasn’t damaged after Otober 2015 and all the „witnesses’ evidences“ on airstrike are another fake.

But Moscow’s and Damascus’ reasoning contrary to interests of the so called “anti ISIS coalition” received no such attention from Wesern “independent” mediaб which was quite predictable. US administration representatives and some Western countries prefered to just withhold comments on that matter showing their bias.

Tried and true scheme

This particular hoax is not the first (and certainly not the last) case of Western countres’ attempt to discredit Russian poitical leaders and Syrian oficial authorities with an ultimate aim to affect peace process in the region which doesn’t correspond to their national interests and goes off the course.

One has only to think about the similar case dated February 10th this year when American strike aircrafts hit Syrian Aleppo and then blamed Russia side for that.

They blamed Russia despite the fact that the nearest target of the Russian Air Forces on that day was located at least 20 km away from Aleppo and all the flights over the city were performed only by US-led coalition aircrafts.

The next day, February 11th Gen. Maj. Konashenkov told journalists: «as we promised to our American partners we would conceal no information. Yesterday at 13:55 Moscow time from Turkish territory two US AF A-10 strike planes entered Syrian airspace and hit objects in the city. Colonel Warren has not advertise that case for some reason».

Pentagon representative col. Steven Warren being in Iraq at that moment directly blamed the Russian AF for hitting two hospitals in Aleppo. As a result of that, according to him, “about 50 thousabd of the Syrians got deprived of the essential and life-saving medical services”.

Photo: Pentagon representative colonel Steven Warren

«Nothing more was said by that official rpresentative. Neither time, nor coordinates or sources of information. Just nothing more», — said Russian MoD spkesman.

«When nonsense like this is voiced by London huan rights activists it’s one thing. But it is completely another matter when Pentagon’s representative announces things like that who is meant to be military professional», — Konashenkov added.

According to Gen. Maj. «the sitiation is exctly the same when the Americans bombed and destroyed an Afgani Kunduz hospital or Iraqi army positions in Fallujah. The very first thingthey do — they make unfounded accusations to divert suspicions. If it continues we’ll have to hold two briefings: first ours and the second for those coalition guys who think they are professional».

Who fights in Syria and what are their aims

February 11 Russian MoD representative tolв that “we keep hearing advices from Pentagon. They concern changing our strategy in Syria in order to help the USA to reach political transition of authority. We would lie to reminв those “advisers” that our aim in Syria is annihilation of terrorism, open and direct threat to our country and the world”.  

Some paticipants of Syrian conflict arrabgement process do everything to demonstrate inefficiency and instability of ceasefire regime which structure and mechanism was developed by Russian side.

Western propaganda is eager to show how official Damascus disobeys ceasefire regulations and “makes”  US-led coalition to take the lead.

Russia’s partners stop at nothing on this way: they use the most dirty technologies of hoaxes and fakes, unfounded accusatons one of which was the the accusation of Aleppo hospital attack by the Syrian Air Forces.

In the beginning of May 2016 Western media rose another wave of hysteria concerning alleged attack of the Syrian Air Forces on refugee camp in Idlib province (near Turkish border). You can read our inverstigation on that matter here

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