Bloody failure in Mosul: US coalition suffer huge losses — details (PHOTOS, VIDEOMAP)

Русская весна, 20 нояб. 2016   –

A military source told «Russian Spring» details of bloodbath operation in ISIS* Iraqi capital.

Taking of Mosul is stalled. Triumphant reports following in quick succession have been replaced by «operational rest» and stand-off reports. 

While Western media are covering happy liberation of Mosul residents YouTube shows another picture: much-lauded American М1А1 «Abrams» tanks blow-ups by suicide vehicales and AT guided weapons, footage with at least one hundred (!) burning armoured vehicles belonging to governmental forces and other evidenes of Iraqi forces being stuck in gory urban warfare (see photos and video)

Huge losses are suffered

The photos shows 4 destroyed Hammers at once near Mosul

Official data implicitly indicate huge losses. To affect public opinion positively invited experts on CNN or BBC assess losses like one coalition soldier to two ISIS terrorists. 

Such correlation – not in favour of well-armedand well-trained islamists beng the defensive side in a defensible city according to warfare science could be explained only by hihg efficieny of targeted airstrikes and artllery strikes.

But judging by dozens of killed and wounded civilians after each strike (which is diligently recorded by the Iraqi media) coalition forces cannot brag about selectivity and accuracy of the attacks. This goes in full compliance with ground tactics: the whole world has seen Iraqi soldiers peppering Mosul streets and everything in them with fire.

READ MORE: Bloody slaughter: US-trained elite forces kill Mosul residents — CNN report (VIDEO 18+)

But even if we take Western experts estimation as adequate then there is a question: according to Iraqi Ministry of Internal about 2800 ISIS islamists have been destroyed over a month near Mosul. Two thousand and eight hundred out of those four or five thousand fighters holding the city and its suburbs.

Then if we believe Western TV channels’ «talking heads» coalition’s losses should make not less than 1500 (!) soldiers over one month (!) (at the rate of 1 soldier to 2 thugs). One will willi-nilly take a closer look at ISIS propaganda claiming that a whole division of governmental armed forces has been already milled шт battle for Mosul. 

Anyway the photos and videos filmed at battle fronts witness huge losses suffered by Iraqi armed forces. 

This makes us think why no coalition member except for federal Iraqi army and US special forces takespart in Mosul offensive. US special forces have 22 people kiled and these are only official data.

The so calles Shi’ite militia is dislocated to the West of the city. Kurdish Peshmerga units and Sunni tribes’ militia are dislocated to the North and East. It was reported officially that Iraqi regular armed forces and none else liberate Mosul. And now one may think they just could not refuse the idea.  

Islamist fighters do not flee to Syria, they sustain defence

On the other hand it could not be left unseen that islamist fighters not only not leave for Syria through a special corridor provided by the Americans in the North-West but also maintain resistance and get some reinforcement in Mosul.

Different monitors explain that differently. But analysis of what is written in Turkishm Qatari, Iranian and Iraqi media about Mosul could give a clue. 

Turkey and Qatar — ISIS allies

It is well-known that Tukey and Qatar are allies concerning organization of the so called «Sunni corridor» for energy supplies from Persian (Arabia Gulf as the Arabs call it) Gulf to Mediterranian. This was the reason why both countries entered a conflict with Bashar al-Assad’s government in 2011. Al-Assad chose to develop joint projects with Iran and Iraq (wher Shi’ah are the majority).

Syrian jihadist groups and ISIS which gained control over have territories prospective for «Sunni corridor» in Iraq and Syria become «shadow» partners of these countries. 

Now Erdogan’s government supported by Qatar is busy with establishing controlled buffer area in the North of Syria relying upon jihadists renamed as «Free Syrian army». Few of the analytics missed the fact that ISIS and pro-Turkish FSA units fight not so hard between each other compared to fighting Kurds and US-created «Syrian demoratic forces».

This points to the fact that there are arrangements between ISIS and Turkey to maintain shared busines under another signs. Contradictions between Turkey’s and Qatar’s interests turn out to be evident from one side and those between America’s, Britain’s and Iran’s interests from another.

Shi’ah state is riving not to make geo-economical rivals’ plans happen and the Western allies seem to be interest in permanent instabilityin the region. That is why Pentagon prioritizes separatist Kurdish groups and the British media foment hatred and communal animosities when covering Mosul events. 

So it becomes clear why Turkish media and Qatari Al-Jazeera TV-channel pay so much attention to Iraqi Sunnis’ woes who are being «exiled from their fathers’ lands» by pro-American coalition and Shi’ah. It is also clear why Turkey insists on its troops participation in Mosul offensive.

Kurds and Sunni militia escaping battles 

Just after Washington anoounced its support Baghdad’s objections against Turkish troops at Mosul and put its stake on «Syrian demoratic forces» including Kurds to atack Raqqa ISIS’ resistance in Syria and Iraq became much more persistent. Sunni militia allied with the Turks as well as Iraqi Kurdistan’s army refused to participate actively in Mosul axis.

Instead the Shi’ah militia announced intentions to cut the road left by ISIS to leave Mosul while Iranian media cover the operation as if it is of the greatest importance.  

As to Iraqi TV channels and printed media they demonstrate somewhat astonishing fredom of speech. Many journalists working for popular editions long for late “all-Iraqi identity” and feel for the Iraqis dying in Mosul under both coalition’s and terrorists’ bombs and missiles.

* terror organization banned in Russian Federation 

The photos and videos show just a tiny part of all destroyed weapons and vehicles belongng to anti-ISIS coalition in Mosul which have been publshed over the last few weeks. It entails literally hundreds (!) of burnt, captured and knoked down military hardware.

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