Bana al-Abed’s father who met Erdogan turned out to be terrorist (PHOTOSVIDEO)

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Syrian and Turkish journalists published photograps where father of the notorious girl Bana from Aleppo had been captured in photo with an assault rifle and a banner of one of the terror groups. 

Arab and Tukish media discovered new gory details about the parents of Syrian girl Bana al-Abed from Aleppo whom Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğanmet the day before. That girl became world-known due to her Twitter microblog where messages about Aleppo hardships during battles between Syrian Army and terrr groups were being posted on her behalf almost daily. 

A negative propagandist slant was put on every piece of information: the Islamist militants were shown as heroes and defenders and the governmental forces and Russian Air Forces — as destroyers and killers of civilians. 

Bana the Twitter star was suspected of bias and work for Western propaganda at once as she had been promoted by the pro-American, Turkish and Arab media. 

First Syrian Al-Qaeda* terrorists were detected among her father’s Facebook friends, then there were photos which clearly showd his involvement into radical Islamist groups. 

Tukish edition Sol showd several shots where Hassan al-Abed (Bana’s father) was captued with an assault rifle in his hands with the other militants. 

One of the photos shows him holding a banner of «Al-Safwa Islamic Battalions» — illegal armed group fighting along with «Ahrar ash-Sham» against government of Syria. According to Damascus this hang is financed Saudi Arabia.

urkish media ended up calling girl’s father jihadist and thug.

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* terror organization banned in Russian Federation

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