«Polite people» in Aleppo: Russian soldiers and Syran children — touching photos

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We would like you to see an exclusive Russian Spring photo-report from free from terrorists Aleppo. 

A Russian military police battalion has made a forced march from the Hmeimim airbase to Aleppo to ensure security of Russian advisers, a demining squad and medics as well as to help Syrian authorities to maintain order in the liberated city and during humanitarian action in Jibreen refugee camp in Aleppo’s suburb. 

Syrian chidren are traditionally happy to see their defenders from far away Russia, they gather around the soldiers and catch an opportunity to make photos with them.

Russian military medical personnel is also present at such humanitarian actions. Doctors and paramedics perform regular examinations and provide necessary aid to those who need it at the field hospital which you can see on the first photo below the text. 

Special field hospital has special overhead protection now to avoid shelling from militant’s side.  

Russian Military police are involved in humanitarian cargoes escort and guard as well as in other events organized by Reconciliaion Centre.

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