URGENT: Unknown drone strikes a village in Aleppo

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Another false flag from Syrian so-called «rebels»!.

«White helmets» only made one false flag at Jisr al-Shoughur and hours ago another one appears at «Twitter».

The unknown aircraft dropped the bomb on refugee camp at Syrian-turkey border near city Darkoosh.

One child is dead and infrastructure is heavily damaged. And again some «twitter»- heralds starts to blame Russian or Syrian air forces.

But don’t be so naive. Elementary analysis makes these messages looks like a fake. First posts on «Twitter» told about combat drone usage for bombing this refugee camp.

But later, understanding that nor Russia neither Syria have combat drones, «twitter» cheap talkers changed a drone to a warplane and started to blame Syrian and Russian air forces! It’s because only the US forces have «Predator» drone that able to hit objects from above. You can make conclusions by yourself. And Syria stopped all air strikes on northern territory during 4th round of negotiations at Kazakhstan capital. 

And again timing for provocation is perfect! Opposition representatives sabotaged Astana negotiations by stopping their participation.

Looks like somebody from «moderate» rebels did not achieve his goals during the negotiations and just decided to mess up the whole process.

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