Bloody report on war crimes: Pentagon accounted for hundreds of killed civilians in 2017 (PHOTO)

Русская весна, 11 июня 2018   –

The Pentagon reported to Congress about 500 dead and another 169 wounded civilians in the result of military operations of the Star Striped Army in 2017. Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen suffered the most. In America this is called «permissible losses».

In other words Yankees have taken on global policeman’s functions choosing sovereign countries to invade and then determine a number of «permissible losses» among civilians.

And I mean «determine»! The British monitoring group Airwars which is difficult to suspect in a bias towards the Americans estimated that over the past 4 years, 9,700 civilians had died from airstrikes and coalition actions in Syria and Iraq.

But wait.. what about the «smart», «superprecise» missiles and artillery shells praised by Trump? There may be three options: either the missiles are stupid and inaccurate, or the American soldiers are stupid and inaccurate or both.

Pentagon is offering excuses like «human shields» used by terrorists purporting that they protect themselves with peaceful population so the Army’s forced to «dispose» of them all in bulk.

But wait another second… whose irregular armies are the groups of Middle Eastern militants? ! Are they not the US special services’ pups?

It does look like a large-scale plan to eliminate local people unable to protect themselves. Meanwhile the Yankees pump out all the resources and control criminal businesses — from drug production to trafficking ipeople and human organs.

And, finally, the top of the disgusting colonial hypocrisy: the incursions, massacres, devastation and human grief committed by the American soldiers are drawn up like balances in official reports everyone may ahve a look at.

It was the year of 2018, the 21st century if you please, people of Syria and Iraq survived the best they could …

Anton Orlovskiy, esclusively for “Russian Spring”


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