Pro-American illegal armed groups recruit militants in the refugee camp Rukban

Русская весна, 7.06.2019 17:21   –

According to people who have left the Rukban camp, the recruiters of the group Jaish Magavir at-Taura became active in the camp.

Taking advantage of the plight of people who do not have the means to feed their families, they recruit men between the ages of 15 and 45 in their gangs.

Training for future militants is carried out by American instructors in training camps located near the US military base At Tanf. Among the translators assigned to American «teachers,» there are many former ISIL* members.

They do not hide the fact that the group «Jaish Magavir At-Taura» is preparing to seize the south-eastern territories of Syria and commit sabotage in the southern provinces. Future militants are immediately warned that their families living in Rukban will be severely punished in case of disobedience or betrayal.

After completing the training, the militants are sent to the province of Hama, where they are part of armed gangs belonging to the «Syrian Free Army» and participate in hostilities against government forces.

Their families remaining in Rukban become hostages and serve as a guarantee to the American masters in the loyalty of the militants. According to eyewitnesses, many militants are dying. At the same time, their families do not receive any payments and continue to eke out a miserable existence, without being able to leave the Rukban.

* Forbidden in the Russian terrorist organization.

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