Russian army helps Syrians (PHOTOS)

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Darayya, Western Ghouta. In some 5 kilometers from Damascus one can see another world. These outskirts of Damascus used to be a blooming town, now it may be a scenery for a movie about apocalypse. The garden of Ghouta is no more the one of Eden.

It was a dreaming place to leave for lots of people. In 2012 this green pearl was captured by a number of illegal armed groups which worked with the Free Syrian Army and Jabhat al-Nusra. From time to time they turned on each other and taught people «to love the Revolution» using robberies and blackmailing. Lots of Damascus citizens disappeared in Darayya’s cellars — they were kidnapped to get ransom.

The government forces sieged the town twice. But Israel often helped «revolutionaries». The nature of the town and its gardens helped terroristst invade the town. In 2016 the then-leaders of the town — Adjnad al-Sham insurgents — accepted the Syrian government’s offer and evacuated to Idlib. The Syrian combat engineers cleaned the soil of Darayya for 2 years and nobody knows if it is fully safe now.

In 2012 more than 84 000 people live in Darayya. Now the population hardly achieves 8 000. But even for them it is difficult to leave among the destroyed infrastructure. The government did its best to renovate electricity supply, clean the main roads, but there is still no running water and the water is taken to the city in water carters. Though the town is very close to Damascus it is still difficult for people to get all the conveniences.

On June, 16 the representative of the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria arrive in Darayya to provide people with humanitarian aid. They distributed 500 food rations — rice, flour, tinned meat, sugar and tea.

But the best present was the fact that military doctors came to the town to help people. Lots of citizens came to the medical station because the situation in the town is not good enough for people’s health. Most patients were children and elder people who suffered from respiratory and infectious diseases. In several hours a group of two Russian doctors and a Syrian one examined 120 people, provided them with medicines and gave them appointment cards to continue the treatment in specialized hospitals.

terror organization banned in Russian Federation

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Вот ты точно Норовишь добывать лихие фрибеты от букмекеров по ставкам на контру???