Big day: «Al-Jazeera» cries because Russian AF stopped fighters from klling Aleppo people (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

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July 28 became a great day in Syrian history without any doubts. 

Cut off from the supply routes from the Turkish side illegal armed groups of the so called moderate opposition guided by “Jabhat an-Nusra”* and “Ahrar ash-Sham” terrorists fled from Bani-Zeid and Lairamoun districts in the northern part of Aleppo.

Residents of the ancient city came out to the streets and greeted each other — the terrorists from Bani-Zeid have been shelling them for many years, killing civilians almost every day.

Huge depots of both makeshift and foreign ammunition for mortars and makeshift MRLS found in Bani-Zeid show that if it were not for Syrian Army and Russian AF the terrorists could kill thousands more (see photos and videos).

But “Al-Jazeera” (Qatar) and “Al-Arabia” (Saudi Arabia) which brought more harm to the people of Syria than any other terror organization do not see the amnesty announced by the Syrian President, they do not see corridors for the residents and surrended fighters to leave Easten Aleppo, they do not see joy of the liberated districts’ residents.

They only see how “Russia exiles the Syrians” from their home town. “Al-Jazeera” reporter breaks the live air picture by his tears not showing  what’s really happening in Aleppo.

Then again what could be expected from TV channel whose reporter passed off “Jabhat an-Nusra” thugs for “moderate opposition fighters” from “Free Syrian Army” back in June?

As it has aleady been reported by “Russian Spring” Russia and Syria launched large-scale operation in Aleppo.

* terror organization banned in Russian Federation

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