«USA, get out of here!» — thousands of Syrians went out to city strets (PHOTOVIDEO)

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Mass demonstrations of the stidents and workers in Syrian called «USA out of Syria!» do not cease.

Fresh «Russian Spring» report from Syrian Arab Republic tells more about that. 

Mass rallies “United States, out of Syria!” are directed against the presence of the occupation forces of US-led coalitionon the territory of the UAR. More than a thousand people took part in the event in Aleppo alone.

Along with Aleppo rallt a similar event was held in the Christian city of Maharda in Hama province. Students and teachers of the technical school Alshahid Fadi Kudes, representatives of the city administration and members of Baath Party took part in it. 

November 14th, students from the University of Hama took part in the rally, more than 500 people came out to protest against American policy.

There are another Syrian towns which take part in the rallies.

Syrian youth, students and workers come together to express disagreement with the fact of the occupation of their country by US forces.

* terror organization banned in Russian Federation

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